How Does MAThread® Perform

MAThread® eliminates all seizing and jamming of fasteners from the most common problems, period. This usually results in an immediate end to ongoing assembly issues. This result has been demonstrated in the most difficult, highest volume automotive assembly operations, where thousands of serious, costly problems have just disappeared after MAThread® was introduced. In addition to solving almost all problems, MAThread® makes resolving the rare few remaining problems much, much easier. For example, when MAThread® is not used, the assembly plant experiencing a problem must sort through a myriad of possible causes before resolving it. This process is usually difficult and tedious. With MAThread®, however, should a nut-thread quality issue occur, or dirt or obstruction in the thread cause a jamming failure, the assembly plant can immediately rule out cross-threading, false-threading, and/or paint problems as possible causes of the problem. That makes it much easier to focus on the real issue, which is no longer disguised by other possible failures. Such a quality problem is usually quickly solvable once it’s identified.

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